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"Kona Waters"

Happy Father's Day all! Gonna start this post out super sappy and tell my dad how much I love him and that without him there is no possible way I would be the way I am today. Love ya pops. 

On a good note my 4 hours was a success! With a little race detour. I started my swim and got an hour in when a race was about to start at the pier so I got to do that which is always fun. Who doesn't love a little team rivalry on Sunday mornings? The water was PRISTINE today loved it, unfortunately, no dolphins, hopefully next time. 

Someone snapped a shot of me at the turn, pretty cool huh? 

Aaaaaand finishing shot, not the greatest but hey it was fun. 

Doing this kind of stuff makes me miss Kona even though I have a little over a year left here on this island. The sense of community is so amazing and the people who make this kind of stuff happen are wonderfully giving. I love it. 

Post race, went for the next 3 hours into the big blue, super choppy. Ever heard of the "Kona winds" that every triathlete talks about wether or not they have done Ironman? The mystical winds that suddenly shift for reach and every person to a head wind both directions? Well today I discovered the Kona waters. Current against you both ways. It's wonderful really. 

I mean it wasn't THAT bad and after all the channel is 10 times that difficulty so I better get used to it. 

Today's motivation?: my dad 

I'm feeling a little stronger than I was on Tuesday, shoulders still a little sore, which is to be expected. The training is great, the water is great, the people even better. 

Just gotta keep trucking along. 

Good night y'all. 


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