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Recovery time......

Can't forget that I'm a 17 year old too.... Who doesn't love bowling? I mean, my shoulders were spent as it was and bowling may have not been the best idea but hey, it's my triclub, and I couldn't resist spending a night with them. 

On a separate note, I finished my brochures today to go out with all my letters for sponsorship. Hopefully we can get to our goal of 7000, who knew swimming could be so spendy.....

And on another note...... Steve scheduled my first night swim to start at 4 a.m and to swim until it gets light which is only about a hour, I attempted a 5 am swim a few weeks ago only to find that tinted goggles DO NOT help.... Good thinking Leahi. Unfortunately I'm not crazy enough to adore the depths at such a dark hour but hopefully I can adjust. It will be quite interesting.

 Sunday brings another long swim, hopefully with a better outcome than the last. Fingers crossed. 

Good night all. 


  1. Hi Leahi,
    I'm a fellow big island athlete and also a fellow blogger and your blog is awesome! I'm training for the Keauhou Lavaman tri in November right now, and the swimming is my favorite part so I'm really enjoying reading about your experiences. There is nothing like ocean swimming!

    My blog is at if you want to check it out. I also work for Hawaii Sport Magazine. Would you be interested in doing a short interview for a feature? We're trying to feature some Big Island athletes.

  2. Hey! That's super awesome! Ocean swimming is the best, I totally agree.

    I would love to do an interview, I would be honored. Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad my stories are getting out there.

    Here is m email, it's easier for me to chat like that.

    Thank you again. Happy training!