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First Post!

Hey! Its me!

      Before we hop right into the swimming, how about a little bit about myself; My name is Leahi. I have been so incredibly blessed to have grown up in a place where a water and the ocean is a necessity  I also have been fortunate enough to have been able to devote 11 years of my life to competitive swimming. Truthfully
       I have fallen in love with the ocean, and always tend to say "I can swim forever in the ocean", people joke that if there were to be coral on the bottom of the pool I would swim a little faster, I think they may be right. Without a doubt long distance swimming has always been my cup of tea, always the 13 year old in the 'big kids' events swimming the 400 IM, 1000, 500, and 1650 free, when ocean swimming was introduced to my life I was swept away.

Summer of 2012, racing to the finish
at the Hapuna Roughwater Swim

        However, my very first ocean swim was a bust, the Kukio Blue Water swim in Kona, long story short, this chunky 10 year old had to be pulled out by water patrol. And now I cant ever wait for summer to come, as most teens cant wait for freedom from school, I get excited when ocean swims are announced. What can I say? It's the life of a swimmer.

        And so here I am, staring at a map, thinking about how incredibly far I will challenge my body, so exciting and so scary all at the same time. This is my journey to Ka'iwi Channel.

Whats a swimmer without a team?! 

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