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       Well today was quite amazing! Probably one of the best swims I have had, this is my 6th long swim I believe  well besides years of Age Group work outs this was the longest in the ocean. Unfortunately my Garmin was acting up so I think my 10 miles was actually 8 but fortunately I was accompanied by some friends! Around the 3 mile mark I seemed to have misplaced my kayakers and found them a little further inshore with a HUGE pod of dolphins. I kept on trucking along and to my surprise they showed up a little bit below me, I could have reached out and rode one for the next 7 miles if I had wanted to. They tagged along for the longest time and it was so incredibly surreal. My kayakers had a great experience too, 4 hours is a journey in itself for two paddlers, and to see dolphins on such a wonderfully clear day just made it all that much better.
Dan and Somer, My wonderful support crew
I cannot thank them enough for coming out there with me that day, it isn't all that glamourous, but days like these remind me of how great the ocean really is. They are a few members of my support team and seeing familiar faces in a sea of blue keeps me trucking.

At the '5' mile turn around, dad says I look like an otter,  gotta practice not holding on to anything while im out there, no hanging on to the boat or kayak on the big day!


  1. Aloha Leahi,
    Keep up the good work. Your underwater friends are always there for you even when the going gets tough! Look forward to reading you blog & the journey ahead of you!

    1. Thank you so much! It's super fun when I finally see something besides the coral below me. Thanks for your support :)