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Looks Who's a Big Kid Now...

June 19th 2013

Remember going to the bank when you were little, watching as the parental units filled out the transaction slips, feeling super mature and adult-ish when they asked you to help? Well that was me today, pops taught me how to balance check books, write checks, use the fancy word processing program so my envelopes dont look like a 3rd grader wrote the adresses, and all that good stuff. He wants me to be able to handle the financial side of this crossing, receiving checks, writing checks, being sure that I actually do have enough funds to make this happen, good life lessons, helps me feel like a big kid.......

Sending out my first check tomorrow to my Captain Matt who is going to be helping me across the channel, his final words on the email

"send me 1,000 and we are locked in..."

Locked in.... Its real now, the boat is set, the kayakers are set, we are ready to go, stamp is on the envelope and check is going out tomorrow. Ka'iwi here I come.  

On a more sunny side, literally,  hit the beach today, again... I am only 17, and even though I spend hours in the ocean as it is apparently I cant get enough.

Hit the cliffs today, im a bit of an adrenaline junkie ;)
Just kidding..... I wish

Unfortunately, I have been really stressed about my shoulders, I dont know whats up with them, I have reverted to kicking a 5000 to 6000 practice, coach says to keep my heart in shape, and he seems a little worried too which stresses me out a little more... Kinda losing my appetite, not sure if its from stressing or because im not burning as many calories as usual but that worries me as well....

Been icing them like crazy and doing a little rehab thanks to Coach Steve-o, hopefully I can shake this soon, and before this weekends swim meet, it doesn't heal over-night, I know, but a girl can dream...

Ocean swim tomorrow, only 1.2, probably gonna technique it all backstroke, that doesn't really hurt my shoulders...

I'll keep y'all's posted

Praying for the guy who got attacked by a shark this past Tuesday, heard it wasn't life threatening, but still life changing. 

Oh! and a good luck to Breezo at her Ironman coming up this weekend, sending my draft all the way to the chilly waters over there, swim strong breezo and bikerun even stronger. Can't wait to see you cross the finish line in Kona...

Happy swimming,


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