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Blue day in Hawaii...

 By blue I dont mean sad, by blue I mean wonderfully blue and gorgeous. So not race related except for the fact that I was just delivering my letters for sponsorship in attempts to have a little financial stability going into the crossing.... but I mean look at this!

It seems that even on my days off I cant get away from the

 I snuck a few pictures in while I was out. Who couldn't? Hopefully the water is just as blue tomorrow  Im gonna need a little more motivation after my last swim was a bust.

Before hand I was able to help some of my friends from the triclub with their run, I got to ride and be their mobile aid station, kinda like they have been doing for me these past few weeks, its a lot different on the road especially because gravity is a factor.... but all was well and I walked away without any new cuts or scrapes, I actually really love helping them out especially now knowing how wonderful Gatorade tastes after exerting yourself for so dang long....

Made a quick stop by Bike-works after riding with some of the Tri club and one of the guys in there asked about my nutrition, this is a subject I am a little fuzzy on.... I mean food is great, but 10 hours into a 15 hour swim it doesn't sound that appetizing, at least thats what I'm guessing. I have had a little bit of a problem figuring out what works for me. Its kinda hard for me to swim on a full belly but its seems I cant get many healthy calories, without spiking my blood sugar, and without being kind of bloated. So he recommended these wonderful packs of deliciousness ------------------>

Has anyone tried them? Im looking for anything here, I've swam all my life, but never for this long. Its all in the experimental phase I suppose, what do y'all eat on long days? I have found that a big breakfast really helps, but I am going to gives these a shot tomorrow on my long swim...

Even more exciting news!!!!
Totally a teenager moment but Kim Chambers added me on Facebook,  I absolutely love her story and I am so completely honored to have her as a mentor

The support from everyone is so incredibly amazing and so overwhelming, not in a bad way of course. It really helps to see so many people come together to help just one person out. 26 miles is a long way in the ocean but to hear all the encouragement beforehand makes it all so realistic and seemingly achievable. It seems so close and I cannot wait to make my support crew proud.

Cant thank you all enough for your words of wisdom

p.s sorry for the non race related posts!

4 hour swim tomorrow...

See you manana

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