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Storm Chasers

Alright this is going to become a once a week blog.... Anywho

This past weekend was...interesting, I found myself in the warm Lanikai waters at 8 PM swimming to an island I've never been to, sounds a little like Ka'iwi doesn't it? I was able to meet up with Steve, my paddler, on Oahu when I went this weekend to support my triclub in their sprint triathlon. A tear or two was shed when Aunty Bobbi gave me the final hug before I walked to the waters edge, what can I say? I was terrified. Dark, unknown waters, with a potential for scary creatures lurking below. Surprisingly, about 15 minutes in I put myself into somewhat of a trance, the darkness was not as apparent as I just searched for that fuzzy green glow indicating the front of the kayak, like my own personal game in the night. Scary? Yes. Terrifying. But I made it and long story short it wasn't that bad. The sky was tinted with an orangish glow from the city lights above Oahu, while searching further into the night shooting stars were everywhere. As I approached Lanikai island I felt sand beneath me and the beach was filled with black birds which made it all the more surreal. Steve and I sat on the island and discussed logistics for a little and just my overall feelings about this huge challenge. It was like a dream and I soon snapped back into reality when I got up to dive back into the water and swim back to the main island. 

Pre and post swim, so excited to have finished without any creatures taking a nibble out of me......

It was quite a fun weekend, and truthfully the most I've laughed in a while. Being around them makes me pretty dang happy. Even though we have those bipolar moments (well I do) all in all I love that crew. It was good to have a chill weekend with all of them, though I still talked about the swim it wasn't as stressful and overwhelming. 

Somer! Gonna miss this senior....

We're a little dysfunctional 

The best....

My favorites. 

So back to swimming as far as when I got back I was able to head out for a 4
hour swim yesterday with Dan and Cj, it was interesting and quite fun actually. At one point I swore I saw a shark and begged to have Cj get back in the water with me, but Dan refused to comply to my requests and told me I have to keep swimming without anyone helping me. Which I am so incredibly thankful for now. He's right. Just cause I'm scared doesn't mean people are allowed to help me in Ka'iwi and I need to realize this. It's going to be a battle between my body and my mind and which one will give out first, and god forbid its my own scardy cat ways that'll be first. It's these people that I'm thankful for. Something so little that made me a little bit stronger, a mental block that I had to break through all thanks to Dan the man. And of course, my other senior Cj, who helped take my mind off of things. Helped me not remember that I'm out on the water for 4 hours and that I am a little tired and worn. I mean who can stay upset when you have these two kooks out on the water with you? 

After being scared by the "shark"

Headed in! Even though Hawaii was supposed to have a hurricane hit near kona not much happened. A little Rain can't keep us out of the water. 

 I'm so thankful for good friends and amazing support. So close to my swim and I can't wait. 7 hours tomorrow, my longest swim. I'll keep y'all's posted. 

Happy swimming 


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