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AUGUST 7 2013

COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN! 10 sleeps until the big day! Well maybe more sleeps than that, my snooze time schedule is all jacked up, but ten days! Lets start with last week shall we? Lived up my last week of summer until I was officially a senior! Go 2014! Got my new suit in for training and possibly part of the crossing in the event I cant handle a one piece anymore. Also got my shark shield and a myriad of glow-sticks and plenty of jelly fish fixer uppers and more lanolin. Fun stuff, right?  Tri club kids and I headed up to Mauna Kea to watch the sunrise... Why? I'm not sure. A bunch of people who are really used to wearing minimal clothing, in a windy, cold, dark, environment wasn't fitting but we made it work. It was a um.... Bonding experience. 

Swimming wise it has been going alright. My shoulders have been giving lots of problems which makes me really sad. My hardest week was cut down to very little which also sucked but I feel as if I was almost a blessing in disguise. The last swim I went on was amazing. I went with my good friend Dan and Cj, on the way in I swore I saw a shadow, stopped in my tracks, and begged Cj to get in with me, and you know what Dan said? No. He said no. To me! The swimmer! Frustrated I continued on and so upset no one got in with me that I totally forgot about the shadow..... Dan you work wonders I swear. 

Any who, back to the blessing in disguise, I was at a breaking point I think. Both mentally and physically. My shoulders seemed to have wanted to give in and I was getting more flustered than usual, even though Dan said he has never seen me laugh so hard in my life on that swim, which was true, but it was the after effects. I felt so incredibly overwhelmed, I felt like I was on the verge of tears just talking about this channel swim, sad that I wasn't at my full potential and so super stressed about the logistics, taking a small break, just going out into the ocean and remembering why I even chose to do this thing. Cause I truly love it. I love the water, the rolling waves, the lines in the Sand you can see as you swim by, the huge amount of fish and sea life in general. I got back in touch with what was important, my love of the water.  Distance didn't matter, just staying loose, and feeling out the waves and current. It was marvelous. 

Lastly and most importantly my night swim. Well my early morning swim. This morning at 3 am I bustled my sleepy little or actually, big body, out of bed and got ready to take a plunge at the pier around 4. Let me just tell you. It was spectacular!  I was laughing and having an awesome time, I had my glow sticks, feeds, and anti chafe all down. I'm telling you, relaxing on my swims has helped so much. I was doing what I love, no matter how scary. 

Lastly we are having a HUGE influx of donations even people all the way from the mainland and helping out! John Skinner one of the very first from all the way down yonder was a Huge help to my swim. And I can't thank the copious amounts of people for helping me make this dream so incredibly real. 

Today I got to see a sight that not many are able to experience, the ocean at night is amazing, scary and daunting but truly amazing when it comes down to it. I shared it with the people who have been there for me since day one and deal with my grumpy butt 10 miles in. Don't know what I would do with a lot of the people here in Kona the list could go on forever which I will get to short after the swim, pinky promise. But right now I am so thankful for everyone and everything thus far, it's unfathomable and indescribable how much I love all these people and their unrelenting support which I always welcome. I am one blessed girl. 

Happy swimming 


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