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All about the ocean!

July 24 2013

Ocean, ocean, ocean! Finally back in the salt water after a few weeks of only pool swimming, I'm not complaining but, I do like the scenery a lot more when coral is involved..... But first lets back track here. States was grrrreat! It was long as heck, 4 days of competition all lasting from about 6 am to getting back to the hotel at about 8pm.... It was hot, windy, but mostly long, however swims went pretty well. I was able to medal in 11 of 11 events ( including 3 relays) and make podium in 9 of those 11 (top 3), which I am pretty dang satisfied with.... 

But on to the more fun stuff! 5 ocean swims in 3 days! I am one happy girl! Slowly revving up the mileage again, and next week coach says we are gonna hit it hard, hell week if you would like to say, then a week taper and I'm off to Molokai. Holy heck this came fast. Countdown: 23 days 

Swims have been going awesome, living in hawaii definitely has it's perks.  I'm so blessed to live in such a great place....

The pier has been bustling with excitement as triathletes begin to trickle in for the upcoming Ironman world championships, we saw a bunch of pros today, and my friend Dan, the triathlete encyclopedia was bursting with enthusiasm about the athletes coming in, and let me just say, him and Keoni are also celebrities of this years ironman as they will be two of the youngest and with our coach KD, who is also doing it, will be representing the Waverider Triclub. kinda crazy how fast our little club grew to have such amazing athletes. I'll be rooting for them, rain or shine, and I can't wait to seem them run across the finish line. 

Lastly, again was was super blessed to have an article published about me today, well two to my surprise! One about that's and one about my channel swim, just the final hurrah to get all my funds in. 

I know, I'm such a kid, to be so excited about being in the local paper. But it's kinda fun...

Things are coming together, flight are booked as well as hotel rooms, my nutrition is getting better, and my shoulders are repairing. Am I scared? Heck yes. I don't doubt my training or my coaches, I fear myself, my mental blocks and those moments when riding the boat to shore would seem like a better idea. But it's not, I know it isn't and my desire to finish will overcome my desire to give myself a break. 23 days.... Wowzers. 

Happy swimming 


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