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Im so bad at this.....

July 13, 2013

I need to update more! So sorry! Anyway! The hats are in! I just made a batch, the first ones sold like crazy! 

I'm on Oahu now, and my mom bought a few  ( Yes I made her buy them....) and one of her friends is rocking this one below.....

You like? It was super fun making them. And I will make more! If any one wants on e, gotta let me know. 

Anyway, I have been on cruise control for the last week or so. No extra activities just swimming, relaxing and swimming. Only 3 workouts left until states..... Holy guacamole I'm getting really nervous. This year it's in Maui, which isn't a problem, it's just not home which can sometimes make it a little more stressful. Funny little anecdote here, my first state meet was also a bust, I got kicked out of the meet for missing my 50 fly final on the first day. And if you read my initial bio, you saw I got pulled out of my first ocean swim too..... But. I can only go up from there. And that was when I was 10 and a little naive. First day is the mile, which thank goodness is only swum once, I really want to cut time before I send the times out to potential college homes, that's also a little nerve wracking. But. Focus on states first. 

On a lighter more fun note, the pool was closed yesterday, which in Kona means we're doing an ocean swim for practice. Perfect! Pre ocean swim on of my friends dads, who is a professional in filmography, got some shots of Me swimming around at the pier, Jeff Smith, Uncle Jeff, as I like to call him, is putting together this huge video about the tri club with a segment on the two crazies doing Ironman Kona; Keoni and Dan, and also my swim. So that was a little fun part before training. 

Cj came along, my trusty support kayaker, well for today. And snapped a few shots. After he moved in front of me during a shot and I ran head first into the kayak......  I know ocean swimmers are supposed to site, but I'm glad I didn't, otherwise I might have a broken nose on hand. 

Back to last Saturday.... An article made it into the paper about the Triple Crown, on of my friends sent me the picture, I had no idea they did a write up on it. 

Again I am so lucky to have such a supportive community, it's pretty surreal to see your own name in the local paper.

And now, I'm chilling in Oahu just visiting my mom, more of a chill weekend. The place I'm supposed to land for my channel swim is right down the road. 

Blog world, meet Sandys, Sandys meet my fellow bloggers. 

Fortunately it isn't ALWAYS like this. But it would be quite interesting to have to finish in these conditions. And lastly my view for the weekend, my feet are up, chair reclined, and I'm ready to relax before a crazy stressful and fun weekend next week. I'll keep you all posted. 

Have a good weekend, 


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