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AUGUST 9th 2013

If you have ever read Bree Wee's blog she has this thing called a "ten day window" where taper starts and all the butterflies set in 10 days before an event. I now know exactly what she means. At this time (8:00) in 8 days I'll be exactly where all my training has taken me, the start of Ka'iwi; La'au point, Molokai. If I haven't felt butterflies before I sure have now. I feel like my tummy is going to explode every time I think about it (which is nearly every hour, obsessive I know) thankfully things are falling into place, hotel, flights, gear all that jazz. The only thing that rests on the back of my mind is the two hurricanes coming in to the islands. 

Henriette was about 750 miles away at 1:00 Hawaiian time

The next two are the ones freaking me out. These are only screen shots, but the moving satellite images shows one of them rotating, beginning to form a storm center, which only freaks me out a little more. I'm hopeful though, and have faith that nothing will come of these besides some swells to push me to Oahu (fingers crossed) 

Lastly it was a beautiful aloha Friday out in the islands, at least in Kona. The water was incredible! I did a double loop of the 1.2 course today just to stay loose, the water made it all that much better. And Surprise! I saw Dan at the turn around, man that kid is getting fast..... Any who my shoulders are still feeling outstanding and I'm so happy that I haven't had much pain, if any at all. Prayers have been answered for sure. 8 days and I'll be out in the big blue. Can't wait. 

Happy swimming


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  1. Aloha Leahi,
    Just came across your article in the HNL Star Advertiser with a link to your blog. Having so much fun reading about your journey and your love of swimming. Congrats on finishing Ka'iwi! Huge accomplishment. I'm excited to hear more once you recover and update your blog.

    My 10-yr old daughter just swam in her first meet last weekend and it was just so cool to see her excitement. It feels like my life has come full circle seeing her loving swimming as much as I have since I was her age.

    You're an inspiration to me. Keep it up! Hope to see more posts about your world pursuits in the years to come.
    Kimber B
    Kahuku, Oahu